Friday, October 12, 2007

More Encouraging News

This report from Edgar Ruddock about CAPA is good and quite suggestive; The Lead has excerpts.

The issue has become like poisonous tar--touch it and it will not shake free, and in the meantime it will prove lethal.

For instance, the CAPA meeting was full of interesting stuff, but what conversational implicature gets carries in by this tiny, relatively modest tidbit:

We are united in our conviction that the Lord of the Church is calling upon Africa once again to contend for the ‘faith once and for all delivered to the saints’.

That's political churchbabble, where a good, prima facie biblical thought gets twisted out of recognition to do duty in the service of something else difficult to discern having to do with property, the IRD, and American neoconservatism/ fundamentalism.

And then you wonder if that was the real point and living heart of the CAPA document, for which all the other stuff is just window dressing; i.e. all the energy and eros truly suffuses the property and poltical questions.


At 10:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a seminary trained priest, and I am still searching for that apparently obvious thing: 'the true faith once and for all delivered to the saints.' Can anyone direct me? And, while you're at it, let me know where I can find a copy of 'the Gay Agenda.' It amazes me the euphemisms folks will use to cloak their phobias in religious terms...
Thanks, AS


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