Monday, June 26, 2006

Lord Have Mercy

Christ Church, Plano, declared that it will "disassociate" itself from ECUSA, whatever that will come to mean in concrete terms. This is a truly massive mistake, I think, both because it is based on quite lousy theology, and because even if it were based on sterling theology, it would be the wrong type of thing to do.

But suddenly I am ashamed of donning armor and preparing to enter the lists again.

Going over various pages on their website, I kept coming across these little pictures of children. I just can't stand it; my heart burns. I know, I know--the pictures are on the margins and seem to serve as barely visible yet obligatory ornament for the "really important" business in the middle of the page: why Plano is leaving, the rector's thoughts at GC2006, and more.

Of course, in reality the really important parts of these pages refer wordlessly to the young children of Plano--who have no idea what the sound and fury of GC2006 is all about. They are in their mothers' arms, holding daddy's hand, peeking over a rock.

Let us pray with Plano that God keeps them in his love and wisdom, that they will declare unto those little children the noble works of God that have impressed the faith of their parents and fellow Christians, and that they will forgive us, laying to rest any remnants of antipathy that might have driven them to this extremity at the foot of the Holy Cross.

Go forth, that you might bring all nations into the fold of Christ and the Spirit to all flesh....


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